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hallow-vesil_copy.jpg (45846 bytes)    A hallow vessel I turned out of maple 

Chinese_Ball_copy.jpg (34818 bytes)    Chinese Ball there are two balls on this one 

bowl_copy.jpg (63507 bytes)    Birch I help cut down this in our yard 

P2270002.JPG (26734 bytes)    A Lidded box                             

P3030045 copy.jpg (90760 bytes)    Two spinning tops 

P3030049 copy.jpg (19169 bytes)    This is a nut from Australia  called Banksia nut                         

P3030062 copy.jpg (22840 bytes)    Two scoops I turned on a lathe 

P3030063 copy.jpg (27242 bytes)    A close up on one 

pens_copy.jpg (28165 bytes)      Pens                                              Ornaments_copy.jpg (35384 bytes)    ornaments


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